Jenn Kennedy

Weekdays 10am - 3pm

“FRANK picked me up in a bar!”

Sounds like a stab at low-brow humor, but, that’s exactly how it went. My husband, a Cape native, and I moved from Florida to raise our budding family in 2009. Yes, moved FROM Florida. I know, who does THAT, right? 2010 saw the 2nd nugget of awesome into our life and I became a sticky, monkey-laden hermit for the next couple years. Devoid of social skills, with an unhealthy affinity for “Steve” on Blues Clues, I eventually sought my ‘pre-kid’ passion, karaoke. People + music= JOY, the joy and passion that fueled a 10+ year career in Florida radio. I’m embarrassed to say, I had no idea the great guy I saw every week, running Embargo’s Karaoke, (what became my “Happy Place” away from home) was none other than our very own Steve McVie. We knew nothing of each other’s radio shtick until a one sentence Face Book post he made,

“Before I put this in the trades, anyone local, with experience, interested in a weekend shift on PIXY?”
“….could ya use a 10+ year, medium market vet?”, was my message to him and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now, mid-days 10-3 with my beloved FRANK and weekends rockin’ with PIXY, I’m very proud to be a small part of these incredible stations built by staff and listeners alike. I went in search of passion remembered and what found me was more that I could ever have imagined possible. Thanks for letting me hang out and share a bit of your day…..your hair looks really nice, bye the way.